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Real Estate Knowledge    1 Yorkville Avenue Sold November 2020
Denzity ● Jan 27, 2021 9:13:05 PM

Selling an assignment can be challenging especially during these times. On top of all the uncertainties, the stress of financial planning and job insecurity, there’s also practical issues to tackle, such as: tax implications upon selling, secondly, there are often limitations to when you can sell, thirdly, the profit you may earn needs to make sense, and finally, you need to find a buyer who has deep pockets and strong cash flow.

With G+Gs experience in assignment deals, we were able to navigate our clients through a myriad of questions, make proper referrals to professionals regarding legal and taxation issues, explaining the benefits and risks of the deal. All the while negotiating a competitive price at the market value, completing this in less than 3 weeks of listing.

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